A Message from Jan

Thank you for visiting my campaign’s website. I’m a genuine conservative running to be your State Representative because you deserve someone in Tallahassee who is committed to serving you first and always, not the special interests and party bosses. We need servant leaders who are dedicated to upholding the constitutional principles that have made our country great, not thwarting them and looking to personally gain off of their power. I have been blessed to see the American Dream come true in my life. By serving others and helping people meet their needs and find good homes, I have been able to build a business, serve my community and raise a wonderful family in Northwest Florida.


 A genuine Conservative from the heart. Not a career politician.

I’m running to ensure that we have effective leadership in Tallahassee and to ensure that the American Dream and a path to success is available to every resident of District 5. We can do this by reducing the amount of money government takes from our citizens and ensuring it invests what it does take wisely. We need to strengthen opportunities for all children and ensure they have the freedom to pursue a top-notch education that works for them. We need to ensure our entrepreneurs and job creators have the freedom to take risks and serve others, which creates lasting, good-paying jobs. Most of all, we need a government that respects the Constitution and promotes liberty for all.

That’s what I want to champion as your Representative. I thank you for your time, and I hope to earn your vote – and the opportunity to serve as your conservative voice in the Florida House.